RAF Air Fryer 6L Modle 5330 Touch Display

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  • Power : 1500W , 220V , 50Hz
  • Capacity : 6 litres
  • Hot air oven , grill and deep air fryer
  • For deep air frying , grill , frying , baking , roasting , heating food , keeping it warm and defrosting
  • Extra low fat , gentle cooking with hot air
  • With upto 200°c heating thermostat
  • With upto 60 minutes timer controller
  • Multi Purpose Machine
  • 360° air circulation
  • Oil can be reduced by 80%
  • Bake a cake , Can roast chicken , Grilled chicken wings , Roasted sweet potato
  • Easy to use and clean
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  • Visual Air Fryer is a household kitchen appliance that uses hot air circulation technology to cook food without using a lot of fat. No rotation means food heats evenly during cooking without the need to turn or stir.

    Visual fryers usually consist of a heating element and a food basket. The user simply places food in the basket, sets the desired time and temperature, and starts the fryer. The fryer will circulate hot air evenly around the food, ensuring it heats evenly so you don’t have to flip it.

    The Visual Air Fryer can be used to cook a wide variety of foods such as French fries, chicken wings, fish cakes, vegetables, etc. Compared to traditional deep frying, the Visual Air Fryer reduces the amount of fat in food, making it healthier. Plus, circulating hot air heats food more evenly, resulting in better cooking results.

    However, there are a few things you need to pay attention to when using the Visual Air Fryer. First, cooking times and temperatures may vary for different foods, so you need to set the correct parameters according to the recipe or instructions. Secondly, during operation, the deep fryer will create high temperatures, so when using it, you must follow safety precautions to avoid burns. Lastly, the Visual Air Fryer has a limited capacity and can only cook a certain amount of food at a time, so if you need to cook a large amount of food, it may take several times.

    Overall, the Visual Air Fryer is a convenient, healthy, and delicious cooking tool, and the no-flip design makes cooking easy and suitable for home use.

    Capacity: 5L – 6L (incl.)

    Heating method: Electric heater + hot air convection

    Control mode: Mechanical

    Rated power: 1500

    Rated voltage: 220

    Material: Plastic


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