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    The Silver Crest air fryer 10 liter 6800 watt is a kitchen appliance designed to fry foods using hot air instead of oil, making it a healthier alternative to traditional deep frying. With a 10-liter capacity and a powerful 6800-watt heating element, it can cook large amounts of food quickly and evenly.

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    Air Fryer Digital, Original, Silver Crest German technology, 2400 watts, Lcd touch control, Large capacity 6L

    The Silver Crest Air Fryer with 6-liter capacity and 2400 watts power is an appliance designed for healthy cooking. It uses hot air circulation to cook food, allowing you to enjoy fried foods with less oil and fat.

    Features of the Silver Crest Air Fryer:

    Large Capacity: With a 6-liter capacity, this air fryer is perfect for cooking large meals for families or gatherings.

    Adjustable Temperature: The temperature of the air fryer can be adjusted up to 200°C, allowing you to cook a variety of foods.

    Timer Function: The air fryer has a timer function that can be set up to 60 minutes. Once the time is up, the air fryer will automatically turn off.

    Easy to Clean: The air fryer has a non-stick coating that makes it easy to clean. It also comes with a removable basket that can be easily cleaned.

    Safety Features: The air fryer has overheat protection and automatic shut-off functions, ensuring that it is safe to use.

    Multiple Cooking Functions: The air fryer comes with multiple cooking functions, including frying, grilling, roasting, and baking.

    The Silver Crest Air Fryer with 6-liter capacity and 2400 watts power is a great appliance for healthy cooking. Its large capacity, adjustable temperature, timer function, and safety features make it a reliable and efficient appliance for your kitchen.


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    Healthy Cooking with the Silver Crest Air Fryer

    Eating healthy is a top priority for many individuals, but it can be challenging to find delicious recipes that are also nutritious. The Silver Crest Air Fryer is a game changer when it comes to healthy cooking. With its advanced German technology, this air fryer uses hot air to cook your favorite foods with little to no oil, resulting in healthier meals. Whether you’re looking to fry, grill, roast or bake, this air fryer can do it all. Say goodbye to greasy and calorie-laden foods, and hello to healthy and delicious meals!

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    • POWERFUL KITCHEN BLENDER:Featuring highspeed motor and specially designed 6piece blade assembly, the countertop blender can effortlessly break down cell walls of fiber foods to better extract vitamins and minerals; with nutrients easier to absorb
    • SAFETY AND HEALTHY:The blades won’t start spinning unless the jar is secured, thanks to the lock between the base and the jar. after screwed clockwise to lock it, which will avoid splashing. Nonslip base makes more steady
    • UP TO 2L CAPACITY:2L Food grade PC cup is tougher and bigger than other jug, a ideal companion for processing more fruits and making kinds of smoothie as you like
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    Buy this super amazing and high-quality Silver Hand Blender ,will help you to Blend, chop, whip, whisk, puree, and make any kind of salad in just seconds. It comes with a 1500 W powerful DC motor, Stainless steel ice crushing blades, stainless steel stick blender and whisker, rubberized finishing, variable speed setting, and just a one-touch operating system. It has all detachable parts that make it easy to use and dishwasher safe.

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    Are you looking for a multifunctional food processor then buy this heavy-duty Silver Crest 4 in 1 Hand Blender chopper whisker and jar. It has a powerful motor, stainless steel blades, multi-speed setting, and a simple one-touch operating system that makes it very easy and simple to use. You can use Silver Crest 4 in 1 Hand Blender chopper whisker and jar for whipping, whisking, chopping, and making dips or sauces.